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Revolutionizing Beauty Practices: Embracing a No-Tipping Model for a Fair and Predictable Pay

Have you noticed the price of shopping or personal services has really gone up? You are not alone, and running is business is no different. Imagine the overhead cost in todays climate for any small business. We are currently living in a time that inflation has increased more then triple than the average of past years.

With the increase of overhead for small businesses comes the increase that is now passed down to the client.

As a service provider, we have to understand what it actually cost to do business without relying on tips. Using real numbers, rather than to guess our income, on a day to day basis, and not relying on another persons experience that results in tips.

We've decided to ditch the traditional tipping system at our salon. I am no longer at the mercy of someones else feelings for unpredictable income. Let's delve into the reasons behind this transformative decision.

One key aspect is providing our stylists with a predictable income! What a concept right? Now most people in the world are paid hourly/salary for their jobs, but a long time ago someone decided service providers didn't fit into that category. Some people even want to negotiate the cost of services and believe it or not, that still happens everyday. Some people even try to get free services, is not expectable! Can you imagine going to work for 5 hours and your boss doesn't pay you or even takes money away form you?

Charging by the hour allows for service providers set their own rates without the uncertainty of tips. We believe in paying our team exactly what they deserve for their expertise and this is after what is cost us to do business. As a service provider we are now in control of what we deserve to make and yes is pricey.

In 2024, hair salon services are now considered a luxury service. Cost of overheads is at an all time high and now we can charge what it actually cost a business and make a great living. No one wants to rely on someone experience to make up for what you are not making on your paycheck, especially as a trained professional.

Tipping has a history rooted in unethical work practices, often serving as a way to compensate for lower wages. In today's times, where we prioritize charging our worth, tipping becomes less relevant. As artists, we view ourselves differently – not just as service providers seeking tips, but as professionals setting our value. No one can tell us what our value is if we don't let them.

Examining the historical context of tipping reveals its problematic roots, often tied to issues of racial and gender inequality, and unethical practices of pay. By transitioning away from tipping, we're contributing to a fairer system, ensuring that everyone receives equitable compensation regardless of gender, race, or religion. I don't like being associated with our ancient tipping culture any longer. The future is promising and without creating change ourselves it wont happen on its own.

Doing business in Berkeley California, where a living wage is mandated and we've embraced this change. So it's time to move beyond outdated tipping norms and focus on charging our worth. Now, all our time is valued equally, removing the need for tips to supplement unpredictable income.

In embracing this no-tipping model, we're forging a new future for our salon, one that prioritizes fairness, transparency, and the true value of our artistic services. Welcome to a salon experience where every moment is valued, and compensation reflects the expertise we bring to every appointment. Join us in this future, and making change happen.

We are so happy we transitioned to hourly rates and transparent pricing and I loved that we can finally charge our worth. Clients just love our new method of pricing and so do we!

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