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Hand Tied Sew-In & Taped-In Hair Extensions

Blade & Arrow Salon offers Tape-In and Hand Tied Sew-In Hair Extensions. We first require a consultation before booking this service to find the right method for you and your lifestyle. 

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Hair extensions are available and priced by consultation. The cost of the hair is additional on top of cost of service and will be determined by consultation

Hair Extensions Know How

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Hand Tied or Tape-ins

We have a consultation prior to service to identify the best method for you based on desired results and lifestyle. All extension services are customized to the individual.


Custom Color Extensions

We can customize any color from natural to vivid hair color. Consultation always required prior to appointment.

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Total transformation from short hair to long.

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Maintenance Required

These methods require 6-8 weeks for maintenance. Soft hair brushing daily for best long term results. Always blow dry after washing and never sleep with wet hair extensions.

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Goals Length, Fullness, Texture, Customized look

Extensions can change ones life. If you are choosing to add length or fullness, we can customize your hair to give you the results your looking for, and give you the confidence to feel great about your hair and your attitude!



After transformation from customized hair color. 

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