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Our Green Journey: How Blade & Arrow became a Certified Green Business in Alameda County

Today, I'm beyond excited to share how Blade & Arrow, got certified as a green business right here in the beautiful Alameda County.

A Seed of Change During Covid My journey began in the quiet days of Covid, a time for reflection and growth. Like many of you, I found myself pondering how we could tread more gently on our dear planet. It was a time for change! Research became my new best friend as I delved into the world of sustainability. This wasn’t just about our choices; it extended to the companies we partnered with – ensuring every supply and product reflected our green commitment. Owning a business and seeing how much waste and resources are used, I wanted to make changes. I learned a ton about what it means to be a sustainable business.

Community Spirit and Shoreline Smiles Remembering those long days of covid, my team and I decided to come together and spent time meeting up to pick up trash along the bay’s different shorelines. That's where the magic of community struck, and the pride set in, each piece of litter we picked up was a step towards a cleaner, happier world. Sharing stories is just another way of recycling joy, don't you think?

Thoughtful Choices in Every Way We swapped paper towels for cozy, washable hand towels. Our cleaning supplies? Only the friendliest, non-toxic kind from our favorite, Branch Basics.

Even our wash basins got a green makeover with Eco heads water spouts, saving water like it's going out of style!

Our appliances are energy star certified. Our choices we make have big impacts.

Recycling: Our Secret Superpower!

Being in Berkeley is a great – our recycling game is strong! We recycle like champions, making sure that what we use can then be recycled no problem. It's amazing how little ends up in the trash when you’re mindful about it.

Who we support as a business and where are money goes if so important to us and our messaging. Wanting to live a cleaner life at work and make changes that can impact others was super important to me as well. We have to be the leader to help others make changes to pass down for newer generations to come.

Empowering Our Team and Clients 🌿

As a salon, we’re all about people. That’s why we love sharing sustainable living tips with our amazing team and clients. All of our products we use are non-toxic and guilt free.

We love Cult & King products made her in the US!

And guess what? Our salon is super accessible with a bus stop and bike parking – who needs a car when you can enjoy a breezy bike ride?

A Green Business, A Greener Future Being a certified green business isn’t just a title; it's our commitment to our planet, our health, and the community we cherish. We’re proud to be a part of a movement that values our world as much as we do. Join the Green Wave! Inspired to start your own green journey? It's easier than you think! Check out the link below to learn how your business can bloom into a certified green gem.

Thank you for being a part of our story. Here’s to a greener, brighter future for us all! --- 💚🌱

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