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Blade & Arrow Salon: Why We Love Hourly Pricing and No Tipping

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Hello friends! Let’s chat about something we're super passionate about here at Blade & Arrow Salon – our hourly pricing and no-tip model. Why we love our hourly salon services and changing our berkeley hair salon, we think it's a game-changer, and here's why we believe you'll love it too:

1. Equality in Every Style: Here’s the deal – we believe in fairness. It doesn't matter who you are; our pricing is based purely on the service. No gender-based pricing, just straightforward, fair costs. Whether you're rocking a buzz cut or long locks, our prices are about your style.

2. Say Goodbye to Unexpected Costs: You know that moment of panic when you see your salon bill? We’ve eliminated that. With our hourly rates, what you see is what you get. Planning and budgeting for your salon visit just got a whole lot easier. Our transparent hourly rates mean you pay for the time not the extras.

3. Quality Time, Quality Hair: Our focus is on giving you the best experience and outcome. That means no rushing, no overbooking – just you and your stylist, working together to get that perfect look.

4. No Tips, No Worries: Tipping can be awkward, right? We wanted to simplify things. Our stylists are compensated fairly and directly, so you can relax knowing there’s no need for a tip. Tipping has a long history of inequality, so by eliminating tips we can have fair and equal pay. We are also not service providers, we are artist and our craft is unique to each of us as stylist.

5. Looking After Our Team: Time-Based pay model is more than just about fair pay; it’s about caring for our team. Healthier work hours and breaks mean happier, more creative stylists for you. Traditionally speaking, hair stylist barely have time to be human while working and this isn't a sustainable way to live and work. Lets celebrate lunch and bathroom breaks!

6. Honest, Upfront Pricing: Our pricing reflects the real deal – no hidden fees, just honest, transparent costs for top-notch services and products. We also don't push products beacuse we don't even sell or stock products here at Blade & Arrow.

7. Respecting Our Stylists’ Craft: Our stylists are seriously skilled. They’ve put in the work, and our pricing reflects the high level of expertise and care they bring to every cut and color. This industry has extensive on going education to keep up with trends and styles, but it comes with a huge price tag just like any other industry. Of course it's well worth it to be able to advance our craft and offer more to our clients.

8. Changing the Game: We’re doing things differently at Blade & Arrow. This was of running our salon may be different than the past, but its the future of the industry. Fair, clear pricing for exceptional services is how we roll. It’s all about respecting our clients, their time, their pocket book, and our craft.

9. Our Team is Everything: Our stylists are the heart of our salon. We value their hard work and dedication, and our pricing model is set up to support their careers and wellbeing, and giving them longevity both physically and mentally.

10. A Sustainable Approach: Our hourly rate includes everything – from the costs of running the salon to the benefits for our team. It’s about creating a sustainable, caring environment for everyone. Our body is our craft and what would that mean to you and/or what is it worth to you?

So, there you have it! At Blade & Arrow Salon, we’re all about transparency, fairness, and making sure both our clients and our team are happy. It’s not just a haircut; it’s about a positive, fair experience from start to finish and we are proud to be able to teach the generations to come to salon differently and put our self worth first.

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