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Elevate Your Beauty, Elevate Your Life: Embracing Clean Beauty for Health and Sustainability

What is a Clean Beauty Salon and why should we care?

Blade & Arrow salon believes clean beauty is more than a trend; it's a philosophy that underpins everything we do. As stylists, we understand that the products we choose impact not only the final look but also the well-being of our clients and ourselves. Opting for clean beauty isn't just about the absence of harmful chemicals; it's a commitment to a cleaner atmosphere and a safer future.

Choosing a business that embraces clean beauty is an investment in the health of our employees and our valued clientele. We're vigilant about the sources of our products, focusing on ethical distribution and sustainable practices. From the origin of our supplies to the ingredients in our hair color products, we prioritize those with minimal toxicity.

Our hair coloring products are ammonia-free and PPD-free, making them gentle on both our stylists and clients. Say goodbye to artificial fragrances and harmful PPD that can affect hormone levels. Clean beauty isn't just about aesthetics; it's about safeguarding our well-being and future longevity in our careers.

Cleanliness extends beyond the styling chair. We've chosen Branch Basics as our go-to cleaner, ensuring a scent-free, safe environment for everyone, including pets. We believe in the long-term impact of our choices, which is why we're on a mission to eliminate toxins in our environment. Using organic products and reducing chemical exposure is our way of putting health first.

We don't stop at clean ingredients. Sustainability is at the core of our business. We actively reduce plastic waste, opt for biodegradable options, and prioritize refillable and minimal packaging products. Where we spend our money matters; it's a powerful statement about the world we want to create. We're not just stylists; we're advocates for health, sustainability, and a cleaner, brighter future.

We also love plants and how they detox and purify the air. The importance of clean air is also supported by nature. We love to fill the space with indoor plants that do just that. But in addition to plants, we use a top graded air purifier. Indoor pollution is bad but also outside pollution. Using plants and air purifiers to maintain cleaner air quality inside and an allergen safer space. We love the "Air Doctor" It does the job and come in many sizes depending on your space. This has made a huge difference in our working space.

After spending numerous years in the salon industry, enduring headaches, migraines, and constant fatigue, I used to chalk it up as an unavoidable part of the job, attributing these woes to the chemicals we worked with. It's incredible how this used to be the accepted norm. However, not long after implementing crucial changes and taking control over the choices we make in our business practices, we realized that we have the power to shape our environment, and in doing so, we enhance not only our own well-being but also that of our clients and staff. This newfound control breathes life and longevity into our careers as hair artists. Our commitment to a cleaner, safer environment isn't just about us; it's about fostering a community that prioritizes health and well-being. We've come to understand that we can do our work safely, and in doing so, we not only feel better ourselves but also have the opportunity to educate and inspire others to take better care of themselves in a clean, nurturing space.


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